Welcome to Ruhne Racing Van Solutions

Simple. Strong. Clean.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

We use Brent’s 24+ years of professional sailboat racing and being involved in building, modifying and running race boats to design and build you the van of you dreams, be it for hitting the road (or off road) to explore the world, or to help you and your business deliver product, spread the stoke of what you make, or just help your business be more productive. 

Contact us to discuss your wants, needs and desires for a van to suit your requirements. No project is too big or small. A lot of our projects have been an evolution, building the baseline necessities then finishing out the project as the client’s needs come more into focus. The last thing we want is to have our customers driving around in a van full of stuff they thought they needed, but never use!


Custom builds and conversions to transform your van. Camper vans, Demo vans, delivery vans, work vans, we can design and create the ultimate van to make your life go smooth. Additional battery systems, solar, tool boxes, custom shelving to fit your specific products, work stations to service your products in the field, at races or wherever the need may strike, we can create the solution to suit your needs.

Box Trailers

From mobile workshops and service centers to moto-haulers or even your own custom toy-hauler or race boat support trailer, we can build out your box trailer so you can tow along whatever you need. We can build out just the basics, or create a NASCAR level trailer depending on your needs and budget. We build out shipping containers too.

Build to Ship Highlander Platform Beds

The classic Ruhne Racing custom ‘Highlander’ platform bed is about to be available as a pre-built ready to ship production platforms bed that you install yourself. With beds available for both Sprinters and Transits, both long WB and short. The frames are powder-coated black with 1/2” marine ply tops.  The new 3 panel design is both UPS shippable and easier for you to handle.